Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Example Of HSUS Idea of "Rescue"

A Baltimore Sun investigation reveals that 19 HEALTHY horses HSUS & Baltimore city officials confiscated last month from street peddlers who sell produce in urban neighborhoods have been penned up under a rat infested tent & forgotten about.

Bob Wood, a Baltimore veteran of training horses for polo, grew suspicious while viewing photos of these horses. After looking into it further, Wood couldn’t disguise his disgust when talking to the Sun:

At the time the horses were seized, the Humane Society of the United States said "many of the horses were suffering from medical ailments including parasite infestation, malnutrition & extremely overgrown hooves."

Mr. Wood says that's an exaggeration, and that the words "parasite" & "malnutrition" appear nowhere on the citations against horse owners, Mr. Savoy & the Chases. After reviewing the documents, Mr. Wood concluded that only two animals had serious problems. Most of the violations were innocuous, he says, or the kind of things common to stables.

HSUS is trying to raise $1 MILLION by 12/31/2009 for it's "Animal Survivor Fund." Yet it couldn't use any of the $162 MILLION it already has to care for the animals it had seized! WHERE IS YOUR MONEY GOING TO? Salaries, travel & lobbying officials - NOT to the animals!

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