Saturday, July 18, 2009

LA becomes Slaughterhouse after mandaory spay/neuter passed

All of the statistics quoted below come from California Department of Public Health.

* 96,630 animals were admitted to the Los Angeles County sheltering system in 2008, which is a 55,178 increase from 2007. This is a 133-percent increase in the year after a spay/neuter mandate was passed into law.

* If compared to the state, Los Angeles County alone exceeded the entire statewide increase in shelter admissions, and is 11 times higher than the state average.

* In 2008, the entire state of California saw a 16.4-percent increase in euthanasia, to 153,793 (an increase of 21,677).

*HOWEVER, ALMOST ALL OF THE ENTIRE STATEWIDE INCREASE IN SHELTER EUTHANAIS IN CALIFORNIA CAME FROM LOS ANGELES COUNTY ALONE IN THE YEAR FOLLOWING MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER! The Los Angeles County shelter system euthanasia rate rose by an incredible 178-percent in the year following the ordinance. In 2007, 12,118 dogs had to be killed in the county. In 2008, this soared to 33,601 dogs.

* The official state data shows that following the spay/neuter ordinance, LA County experienced a 107-percent increase in animal control captures of abandoned dogs, a 163-percent increase in owner surrenders by people who cannot afford to keep their pets and comply with the law, and a 153-percent increase in abandoned dogs brought to the shelters by good Samaritans.

If you think that statistics like these are unique to LA County, here's a link to an article about Dallas' experience with mandatory spay/neuter.

And of course you can read about Santa Cruz's "success" in the blog below this one.