Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PETA suing Animal Rights Organization

As an avid animal lover I fully support animal WELFARE incentives and generally take a stance against animal RIGHTS organizations. However, when any group is actually helping animals, they deserve our support in that effort. And Friends of Animals Primate sanctuaries are one such group.

PETA is suing Friends of Animals, an animal rights organization which actually operates animal sanctuaries. One such is Friends of Primarily Primates (PPI) http://www.primarilyprimates.org/. PPI provides a lifelong home for elderly monkeys, birds with neurotic habits such as feather-plucking, and animals who exhibit sicknesses because labs bred them that way. They’re accepted at one of the few places in the world willing to care for them.

PETA brought its first lawsuit against PPI in 2006 and has since lost two lawsuits against them. PETA’s latest suit alleges that PPI is in violation of the “dangerous wild animals” statute. The suit asks the Court to force PPI to get rid of all of its “dangerous wild animals,” including its chimpanzees, African lion, and baboons. But, the “dangerous wild animals” statute does not apply to animal shelters.

PETA insists that PPI is not an animal shelter, and PETA's attorneys go on to argue that even if PPI IS an animal shelter, it is violating the rules and regulations governing animal shelters. In this vein, Plaintiff has asked the Court to (1) force PPI to pave over its outdoor enclosures with natural grass flooring, (2) separate non-breeding males and females living in family groups; and (3) separate cockateils from parrots and brown-tailed lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs.

In other words, PETA, who's idea of "saving" thousands of dogs and cats is to euthanize over 97% of them, is trying to tell PPI how an animal sanctuary should be run! It is not clear whether PETA’s suits are the beginning of a movement to shut down all animal sanctuaries or just another PETA publicity idea. However, as a $30 million per year organization, PETA can afford to file all the frivolous lawsuits it wants and bleed PPI out of existance financially.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Food Allergies & Your Dog

Did you know that the most common foods dogs are allergic to are proteins? Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, corn, and soy are common culprits. Allergic reactions show up within a day of eating the offending food - often within a few hours. Reactions can entail gas attacks, diarrhea, itching and skin problems. So, what do you do when you suspect your dog has a food allergy? You'll have to put your dog on a special diet.

To begin with, use a different protein source. (Did you know that lamb based food was originally introduced as an alternative for dogs allergic to beef and chickan because lamb was very rarely used in dog food?) Try duck, venison, fish or, if you can find it, rabbit.

Also ensure that there is no corn or soy in the food. Look for rice, oatmeal, barley or sweet potatoes. The first food I like to recommend when food allergies are suspected is California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato. The reason I recommend this food is because herring and fish are not often allergens and there is a very small number of ingredients in this food. Thus, limiting possible allergins.

Other foods to consider when food allergies are suspected include, but are not limited to: Avoderm trout & brown rice; Wellness Rice & Duck Formula; Orijen 6 Fresh Fish with Sea Vegetables Dry Dog Food; Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dry Dog Food; and Eagle Pack Holistic Select Duck & Oatmeal Formula Dry Dog Food.

Whatever food you choose, make sure you read ALL the ingredients. Sometimes you will find a common allergin listed well into the body of these.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Arizona Rabies Outbreak

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Arizona is in the midst of an ongoing rabies outbreak. State health officials warn the public to stay away from wild animals, particularly those acting strangely or aggressively.

"Fifty-nine animals - primarily skunks and foxes - have tested positive for the viral illness, which can be deadly if not treated quickly. So far, those rabid animals have exposed seven people and 39 domestic animals to the disease. Campers have reported being attacked by foxes on trails, and some skunks have even entered private yards, lured by the possibility of food, health officials said. Hardest-hit areas include Flagstaff and parts of Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties in the southern part of the state, officials said."

So, make sure your dogs are up-to-date on their rabies shots and take care when hiking.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

AKC Ch./BIMBS U-Ch. Sunnyvale Christmas Cowboy

We've shown you pictures of our youngster Crash previously. I just thought I'd share some of his great-great grandfather, Nick, today. Nick is both an AKC champion and a UKC Best In Multiple Breed Show (BIMBS) champion. Nick is retired from the shows now and spends his time lounging.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boycotting PETCO

PETCO's brochure Choosing the Perfect Dog states: "PETCO encourages you to adopt your new dog from a shelter or other reputable animal welfare organization rather than from breeders..."


As a breeder of purebred dogs I find this recommendation insulting. A well bred purebred dog will be the result of a breeding between two HEALTHY parents who have been as thoroughly screened for health problems as modern science will allow. Responsible breeders will answer your questions and share their experiences and knowledge with you. They can provide background on the breed and discuss the characteristics of the adult dog. Breeders have experience to give puppies the care and nurturing they need at critical early stages. This not only ensures you’ll have a healthy puppy, but that the puppy is much less likely to develop into a difficult adult. Breeders will guide you in proper care and feeding, health issues and training. Breeders are there to help you and will continue to provide information and support as your puppy grows.

But, back to PETCO... It is obvious from the opening statement in their brochure that they do not support responsible breeders of purebred dogs. Therefore, why should WE support them? There are plenty of places to purchase dog food and supplies besides PETCO. The most obvious of these is Petsmart. Petsmart supports shelters, low cost spay/neuter and disaster assistance without being anti-breeder.

Please DO NOT support PETCO!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Support the National Animal Interest Alliance

The National Animal Interest Alliance is an association of business, agricultural, scientific, and recreational interests dedicated to promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals. Our members are pet owners, dog and cat clubs, obedience clubs and rescue groups as well as breeders, trainers, veterinarians, research scientists, farmers, fishermen, hunters and wildlife biologists.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jed Wins Again!

Of course, the day when it's 90 degrees Scottsdale Dog fanciers Association schedules American Eskimo Dogs to show at 12:45. This didn't stop Jed from struttin' his stuff, however. He was Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for a nice 3 point major! Congratulations also to Kathy Workman whose bitch was Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex.