Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jed (Sierra The West Wing) is my daughter's dog. He's a standard size American Eskimo Dog. Eskies are all white with dark brown eyes and a black nose. They look like a smaller Samoyed. They make great family dogs. One of Jed's favorite games is to play "tag" with my grandson, Cavan.

And, this is Crash (Istari Full Throttle). He is a bi- black (black and white) Sheltie. Crash is only 7 months old, so he still has some growing to do.

This is Jamie (Ch Shenell Istari Jasmin Legacy). She is what we call a "tricolor" Sheltie - black with tan markings on the face and legs and a white collar and blaze. She finished her championship this October. She is pictured being shown by Rebecca Porter.