Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arizona HB 2375 - Dangerous Animal Bill

Sponsored by: Chad Campbell, Cloves Campbell, Kyrsten Sinema, Nancy Young Wright, Edward Ableser

The title of this bill sounds good, doesn't it? But, let's take alook at the "dangerous wildlife" that "A person shall not import or transport into the this state, or sell, trade or release within thethis state or have in his possession possess any live wildlife exceptas authorized by the commission, as provided by section 17-321 or asdefined in title 3, chapter 16."

* All species of the order carnivora. Common names include:carnivores, skunks, raccoons, bears, foxes and weasels. What this bill doesn't point out is that the order carnivora INCLUDES ALL DOGS AND CATS!

* The family bovidae - which includes GOATS, SHEEP AND COWS but has an exemption for water buffalo! Although what makes a water buffalo less dangerous than a cow I can't imagine. This bill would instantly put all the cattle, sheep and dairy farmers out of business in the state.

* Quail, turtles, grouse, fish and practically every mammal and non-mammal a person could think of having as a pet are listed as"dangerous."

I don't know what's more frightening: The fact that these representatives didn't understand the bill sponsored. Or the fact that they understand it completely and hope the citizens of Arizona don't understand it.


  1. I must note here that they are not referring to domesticated animals such as dogs and cats....they are referring to wild animals as in skunks, mt. lions, bears, opossum, raccoon and coati....basically anything that can actually bring harm to our native wildlife etc....the bill you would like to be complaining about would be hr 669 which was a federal bill. However these laws here passed July 1, 2010 and are the same laws originally in play in AZ. You still had cats and dogs then. I have been talking with fish and game working on compromise to increase cash flow to the state and make more responsible people willing to take a class and purchase a permit would be able to keep animals listed as "dangerous wildlife" when following necessary steps. We have some of the most endangered reptiles in AZ not to mention the cougar is also threatened and Macho B recently put down was the last known wild Jaguar in AZ...Yes Jaguars are native to the south rather than bash a law right off talk to people work on compromise they actually do listen....I run a reptile rescue out of my home s 373 will not only ban 9 constrictor species but will also shut down a 30 billion dollar industry that yes we reptile keepers pay taxes on....The U.S. would go into another Great Depression. fought hr 669 to ensure your cats and dogs were safe as well as not becoming a criminal should hamsters breed in your home or you keeping tropical fish. Help fight s 373 and help the state realize the job ops and income with compromise on the bill above it helps our State as a whole. You get to keep your dogs and cats, hamsters and rabbits, please help stop s 373. oh and if you'd like to point out in the bill abouve to fish and game even domestic asian water buffalo have been proven unpredictable and dangerous regardless of domestication where a tetra fish yes wal mart available falls under a class 2 misdemeanor...just saying please have a chat with them main site thank you feel free to email me be more than happy to share my correspondence with fish and game we have to work together

  2. Fnnec foxes are NOT dangerous! they should be removed from this bill same with other exotic but pretty much HARMLESS pets!!! fight this bill people! its our right to be happy and if that means having a furry friend than SO BE IT as long as it isn't going to eat you or your baby in your sleep or something come on this is getting rediculous!